The Holidays

It is the holiday season and I’m excited to let everyone know about the release of my latest short story, “The FemDom Day of Judgement: Naughty men having a hell of a time.”

For me the holidays started with Halloween when a few friends decided to throw a bit of a wild haunted house party. For some reason the idea of shemale demons tormenting their victims resonated and inspired me to write this story.

I have several other stories in the works. When I first started writing I worried that I might run out of ideas after the first half dozen books, but instead I find myself with enough ideas that I have a hard time finding enough time to write all the stories I want to tell. As it has been from the start, real-life often provides me with material that makes for an interesting story when mixed with a bit of imagination.

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By the way, watch Amazon for my book “A Crossdresser’s Night Before Christmas: One dickens of a tale.” to be offered free in the days leading up to Christmas.