Welcome to 2016!

Welcome to 2016! I hope it is a great year for us all.

We tend to start the year with resolutions, dreams, and goals, but many times they begin to fade as the grind of day to day life returns. It is up to us to keep the spark of enthusiasm alive and well.

2016 holds several major changes for me. The man I have worked for over five years now has been very supportive as I have made changes in my life. He is more than a boss. He’s the one who prodded me into making some of the most difficult changes and who had encouraged me as I’ve moved forward.

I have now cut back my “daytime job” to half-time so that I can focus on my writing. There is the erotica that I have written for years, but I also have a contract to develop a training manual for a class and I want to work on books in other genres, including romance.

I want to thank all of you that have followed my writing so far. Since releasing FemDom Asylum I have been in the top 10% of erotica writers on Amazon. I was able to put the final touches on three book over the holidays. The release of Who’s the FemDom Boss Now?, Femulator 2.0, and Peeping Tom’s FemDom Payback seem to have been well received.

I do have to confess that while a lot of what I originally wrote dealt with gender and gender transformation, most of my recent books include a strong female protagonist and often a weak or mean male who is humiliated or feminized. The shift has come in part from the notes and feedback I’ve received. My mind is twisted and can pretty much come up with original ideas for books based on a number of different twisted themes.

My goal for my erotica writing in 2016 is to average one book a month. I am currently working on a book series and may wait until I can release the first three volumes together.

When I first started writing, my fear was that I would write a dozen or so books and run out of ideas. Instead, it seems like I have four or five ideas that I am working on at any given time and the real issue has been finishing them before I start on others. (That is part of why there were three books I was able to complete and publish in the final week of 2015.)

Thank you all again. I always welcome e-mail, reviews, or comments. I have made a few friends who give me ideas and feedback that way.

Syndie T


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