Welcome to 2016!

Welcome to 2016! I hope it is a great year for us all.

We tend to start the year with resolutions, dreams, and goals, but many times they begin to fade as the grind of day to day life returns. It is up to us to keep the spark of enthusiasm alive and well.

2016 holds several major changes for me. The man I have worked for over five years now has been very supportive as I have made changes in my life. He is more than a boss. He’s the one who prodded me into making some of the most difficult changes and who had encouraged me as I’ve moved forward.

I have now cut back my “daytime job” to half-time so that I can focus on my writing. There is the erotica that I have written for years, but I also have a contract to develop a training manual for a class and I want to work on books in other genres, including romance.

I want to thank all of you that have followed my writing so far. Since releasing FemDom Asylum I have been in the top 10% of erotica writers on Amazon. I was able to put the final touches on three book over the holidays. The release of Who’s the FemDom Boss Now?, Femulator 2.0, and Peeping Tom’s FemDom Payback seem to have been well received.

I do have to confess that while a lot of what I originally wrote dealt with gender and gender transformation, most of my recent books include a strong female protagonist and often a weak or mean male who is humiliated or feminized. The shift has come in part from the notes and feedback I’ve received. My mind is twisted and can pretty much come up with original ideas for books based on a number of different twisted themes.

My goal for my erotica writing in 2016 is to average one book a month. I am currently working on a book series and may wait until I can release the first three volumes together.

When I first started writing, my fear was that I would write a dozen or so books and run out of ideas. Instead, it seems like I have four or five ideas that I am working on at any given time and the real issue has been finishing them before I start on others. (That is part of why there were three books I was able to complete and publish in the final week of 2015.)

Thank you all again. I always welcome e-mail, reviews, or comments. I have made a few friends who give me ideas and feedback that way.

Syndie T


The Holidays

It is the holiday season and I’m excited to let everyone know about the release of my latest short story, “The FemDom Day of Judgement: Naughty men having a hell of a time.”

For me the holidays started with Halloween when a few friends decided to throw a bit of a wild haunted house party. For some reason the idea of shemale demons tormenting their victims resonated and inspired me to write this story.

I have several other stories in the works. When I first started writing I worried that I might run out of ideas after the first half dozen books, but instead I find myself with enough ideas that I have a hard time finding enough time to write all the stories I want to tell. As it has been from the start, real-life often provides me with material that makes for an interesting story when mixed with a bit of imagination.

Please check out my author page at Amazon or my blog at WordPress. And as always, I love hearing from my readers at syndie.truelove@yahoo.com.

By the way, watch Amazon for my book “A Crossdresser’s Night Before Christmas: One dickens of a tale.” to be offered free in the days leading up to Christmas.



For a while now, a couple of friends have told me I needed to blog. “You’ll sell more books,” they say.

Today, selling more books doesn’t seem particularly important, but I do have something I feel compelled to talk about.

I am going out this evening. Usually that is something I look forward to, but tonight is different. I will stick with the tried and true name “John Doe” for now. John was a friend of a friend. John was a smart, caring, and decent fellow. For over a year John has also struggled with his decision about whether to become Jane.

John’s family was less than enthusiastic, but it was also clear they would support him no matter what his decision was. He talked to his supervisor at work and later a person in human resources. I won’t point fingers because I don’t know the details, but word quickly spread to the people John worked with. Pictures began to show up on the bulletin boards and the walls of his cube.

I guess some of us are vain. We put on our wig and makeup and our sexy outfits (or maybe we don’t even bother with the outfits beyond the unmentionables) and take pictures. Then we post them hoping someone will tell us how cute we are or how they would love to take us on a date. So far as I know, John wasn’t like that. The pictures that were supposed to be of him were of unrecognizable people in humiliating or degrading poses. To be fair, there are pictures of me that I would rather not spread around, but to have vile and nasty pictures that aren’t even you spread while someone says they are you had to have been unimaginably painful.

There was other bullying and harassment at work. In early September, John was working late and alone one evening. He pulled his car into the warehouse area of his company’s office, closed the overhead door while leaving the car running, and set down to go to sleep.

If fate had been a bit kinder, maybe John would have had another chance. Or maybe those of us who care are being vain again by thinking our words might have made up for the deep scars John must have already borne by that point. There was a CO alarm in the warehouse and it went off. The alarm company telephoned the owner. The owner assumed it was a false alarm. An hour later, the alarm was still showing and the alarm company called the owner again. The building alarm had not been set and nobody answered the office phone. This time she drove to the offices and found John.

John’s life was over before that. His body was kept alive for a while, but eventually was allowed to follow his soul when he was taken off life support. Now we pretend that the edge is off the pain and try to celebrate his life instead of morn his loss.

John was a friend of a friend. He was someone I met a few times at holiday parties. A few months ago we had met for lunch because he wanted to talk to me about my experiences. But even though we weren’t close, that doesn’t make this evening any easier.

In the end, whether you are my brother or my sister, I hope you have found peace. And for any others who are hurting, reach out for help and support. You don’t have to walk this journey on your own.

Hugs and Love…